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Current Plans
75,000 Events
75,000 Records
Email Support
120,000 Events
120,000 Records
Email Support
10 Free Assisted Visuals
3,000,000 Events
3,000,000 Records
Dedicated Support
Unlimited Assisted Visuals
8,000,000 Events
6,000,000 Records
Dedicated Support
Unlimited Assisted Visuals
data center
20,000,000 Events
15,000,000 Records
Dedicated Support
Unlimited Assisted Visuals


What's an Event?

An event is a request that is sent through our system that is not saved - basically every time data is pulled from your API, you can decide how long the intervals are.

What's a record?

A record is data from a request that is stored or managed on our server - we have an option for you to store api data historically- this applies specifically to that.

What's an assisted visual?

An assisted visual is essentially a visual that we can create for you based on your API, your requirements and your desires (we will even try to add new graph types). Entirely free for Professional members, just talk to us.

Datastack saves your time and money when understanding the weight of your data