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Big Data, Small Team

In short, Datastack is tool to visualize your company's data by connecting your apis to make beautiful graphs, maps, and charts.

Our Mission

We at Datastack come together to work everyday to improve the lives and wallets of everyone. Through our work, we figured out a panacea, data. People have been using data to predict and analyze trends to do great things - by tracking spending to save money, to increasing the efficiency of delivering hospitals. We at Datastack want to help you use your data in the most secure and easy way possible.

Datastack utilizes a simple system where visualizations of your data can be built in minutes without advanced technical expertise. All you need is an api url, a few clicks, and there is a new visual.

Why an API url and not just some database credentials? Databases are volatile- not the best thing left open to anyone. With an API, your engineers can prevent data leakage by only sending us the most important things.

Our Team

DataStack is a small team of passionate individuals who want to build the future of analytics. Our backgrounds extend the oceans from schools and homes in Shanghai, Santiago, San Jose and Merced.

DataStack is run by Shubham, Marcus, Deo, Daniela and Gulshan.

Find us!

We're currently located in the DataStack office in NextSpace in San Jose, California!

Datastack saves your time and money when understanding the weight of your data