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Visualize all your data
securely and easily.

DataStack provides a tool for companies to visualize
their data through their own APIs.

User Growth Figures for 2016/2015 Configured from /api/users.json Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 12m 10m 8m 6m 4m 2m 0m 2015 2016

Why stop at testing your APIs, why not visualize the results?

Master your data by using DataStack’s tools that pulls apart apis into their components and allows you to simply drag and drop data onto a blank canvas and create visuals

Demo 2 1 Created with Sketch. user-followers Historical Data user-followers /facebook/stats.json user-friends user-posts
Demo 2 2 Created with Sketch. Facebook Data Historical Data JAN APR AUG DEC 1000 900 600 450 300 150 0 Users Friended
Demo 3 Created with Sketch. A3240iDJDIEU400 AUTH 1111 CODE "id":"1", "name":"Justin Purington", "status":"ongoing", "value":"926881", "rejected?":"", "stage\r":"2\r" "id":"2", "name":"Fred Fredburger", "status":"closed", "value":"926881", "rejected?":"N", "stage\r":"5\r"

Connect and Manage APIs with ease

Connecting data is as simple as entering the url of your api and authorizing it. We give you an interface that is simple to use and similar to API testing tools.

Private Alpha

Dig Deeper and Understand More

Use our special data modifiers to concact and process data deeper than the numbers returned on your query.

Demo 4 1 Created with Sketch. user-followers user-friends ADD user-id user-max SUB user-low user-max CUSTOM
Demo 4 2 Created with Sketch. /*start*/ var val = {user-low} * {user-max}; val = val - 400; // explode val = exp(val); return val; /* done */

Datastack saves your time and money when understanding the weight of your data